Catch Basin Installation Toronto (GTA), Mississauga

dsc05411When standing water or poor drainage causes problems in your lawn or driveway, you may benefit from Catch Basin Installation Toronto, with Underground Drainage Pipes. If you don’t know what a catch basin is, it is a bit like your bathtub drain – but in the lawn, driveway, or wherever water pools when it rains! Catch basin are also sometimes called “drop inlets”, because they allow the water to drop beneath the surface into Underground Drainage Pipes.

There are different kinds of Catch Basin Installation Toronto (GTA), Mississauga.

Which one you need depends on several variables. If a Catch Basin Installation in Toronto is to be located in a traffic area, such as a driveway, it is very important that it be capable of handling cars and trucks which may drive over it. The best material in such a case would usually be a concrete catch basin with a steel or cast iron grating. There are heavy duty fibreglass catch basin, as well, but due to expense, they are generally used only in rare cases such as exposure to corrosive materials – usually for industrial plants.


In the case of lawn drainage, your application may be well served by light duty, ready-made plastic Catch Basin Installation in Toronto. Such structures can generally tolerate the passage of lawn equipment, but they should never be exposed to heavy vehicles. It is also very important that the project be designed by someone who is familiar with Catch Basin Installation Toronto. It’s crucial that the drainage pipes be large enough to handle the volume of water which will reach the basin, and that the pipes be properly buried to Prevent Damage.

There is much more to the process of Catch Basin Installation in Toronto (GTA), Mississauga than just digging a ditch and throwing in some pipe! It is very important that catch basin be installed at the proper elevation, and that the ground is properly shaped to guide water to the catch basin. It is also critical that the Drainage Pipes Underground are laid with proper “fall”, and that they have no low places which would hold water.


A well designed drainage system will be almost invisible, and will remove excess water, preventing it from standing in your driveway and lawn. In the process, a properly constructed Catch Basin Installation will prevent water from saturating the soil around your basement or foundation. If you don’t want open drainage ditches on your property, a well designed Install Catch Basin is often the best option.

Homeowners who are struggling with drainage issues should call AquaLux Draining & Plumbing Company (416) 951-0777. Our Drainage Professionals Toronto can help you to determine whether your situation calls for Catch Basin Installation Toronto.

Interior Weeping Tile Pipe & Delta Membrane Installation

dsc01737Is Interior Weeping Tile Pipe & Delta Membrane Installation ever a good choice? In fact, there are situations in which Outside Foundation Wall Waterproofing isn’t possible, or may not be the best option. In such cases, rather than waterproofing the outside of the walls, Interior Weeping Tile Pipe & Delta Membrane Installation may be your best choice.


If you are wondering what “weeping tile” means, it’s a special kind of drainage piping which is porous or perforated, thereby allowing water to enter all along the length of the pipe. It’s usually installed in a trench, bedded and covered in gravel. The gravel allows water to easily flow to the pipe, and keeps soil from clogging the pores / perforations. When the water enters the pipe it to flows to the outfall drain or sump pump pit. In either case, the weeping tile doesn’t prevent water entering your home, but whatever enters is harmlessly drained away. Since the standard Weeping Tile Installation is beneath the floor, your basement remains dry.


The process generally entails the following details, as needed:

  • Saw Cut / Break and remove a section of the basement floor along the exterior wall(s)
  • Expose and remove the soil down to the base of the footing, creating a drainage trench
  • Apply Delta Membrane to line the inside of the trench
  • Install weeping tile drainage system and connect it to existing drain age pipes or sump pit.
  • Install Sump Pump and related drainage piping
  • Back fill trench with gravel to promote drainage
  • Replace the concrete floor which was previously removed
  • Dispose of all construction debris

Please Notice: some of the details of the process may vary, depending on your unique situation.


Homeowners or business owners who think that Interior Weeping Tile Pipe & Delta Membrane Installation may be their best choice – or those who just don’t know which way to turn – should call AquaLux Draining & Plumbing, (416-951-0777). our experienced professionals will be pleased to help you evaluate your situation, and we’ll tell you whether Interior Weeping Tile Pipe & Delta Membrane Installation is best for your individual case.

Waterproofing of Foundation Walls Toronto (GTA), Mississauga

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWaterproofing Foundation Walls Toronto (GTA), Mississauga is very important for many homes and businesses in the Greater Toronto Area. Unless your home or business is located on “high ground”, there are surely times when groundwater rises above the level of your foundation. If this occurs, unless your foundation walls are waterproof, you should expect to find seepage and leaks – with resulting damage to your building and its contents. Groundwater is an unavoidable fact of life, but you DON’T have to allow it inside your home!


Waterproofing of Foundation Walls Toronto (GTA), Mississauga is not the only factor which you should consider, but it is certainly an important one. If your home or business has shown leaks, seeps, or general “wetness”, you should consult with an experienced plumbing contractor who specializes in Waterproofing of Foundation Wall Toronto (GTA), Mississauga.


The Waterproofing foundation walls in toronto process will vary according to your structure and the drainage situation that surrounds it, so it’s definitely not a “one size fits all” proposition. You may be tempted to “roll on a quick coat of waterproof paint” – but we should warn you that such an approach is not likely to solve your problem. An experienced professional can advise you which solution or combination of solutions is right for your home or business.

In general, Waterproofing Foundation Walls Toronto (GTA), Mississauga will be much more effective when done from the outside.

This process is not simple, nor is it cheap, but you should keep in mind the old adage that “anything worth doing is worth doing well”. Without doubt, this is true when the topic is Waterproofing foundation walls in toronto of foundation walls.


Give us a call at AquaLux Draining and Plumbing company Toronto, (416) 951-0777. We do Professional Waterproofing of Foundation Walls from the outside. We’ll advise you whether it’s best in your situation. If it is, these are the things that we’ll do for your home or business:


  • Excavating. The first step is to expose the entire foundation, all of the way to the bottom.
  • Cleaning the walls and purging with waterproof cement; Crack repairs (done right); Careful inspection of footings, rebuilding them where needed.
  • Replacing Concrete. Sometimes, it is better to replace, rather than trying to repair degraded or low quality concrete.
  • Applying bituminous sealant (“tar”).
  • Installation of Plastic Delta Membrane.
  • Weeping tile pipe installation; connecting to existing drain line or Sump Pit.
  • Installation of Sump Pump and drain systems.
  • Installation of window wells.
  • Back filling. (It’s important that back filling be done correctly to avoid damage to the foundation, and to assure that it doesn’t later settle, creating sunken areas that may tend to hold water.)
  • Disposing of debris and general cleanup. We don’t consider the job finished until your site is clean and neat.


Of course, the precise details of work will vary according to each individual case. Give us a call at AquaLux Draining and Plumbing contractor ☎ (416) 951-0777. We’ll help you to determine the best approach to Waterproofing Foundation Walls Toronto (GTA), Mississauga for your situation.

Using a Backwater Valve & Sump Pump can Protect your Home

back-water-valveBack Water Valve & Sump Pump Installation Toronto can greatly Reduce your Basement Drainage Problems. Drainage is normally dependent upon gravity. If you have properly designed drainage system, and it is in good condition, you shouldn’t experience Drainage Backup. The exception occurs when the water table outside your home is higher than your basement floor, or when the water level in drainage pipes which receive your “outfall” matches or exceeds the level within your basement.

dsc05430Unfortunately, many homes in Toronto and GTA region have basements which are very close to that critical level. Rain, melting snow, and other external factors which raise the water level in the public drainage system may actually cause water to flow backward from the drainage system, into your home. Home / business owners who have experienced this problem will ONLY resolve it by the Installation of a Backwater Valve. These devices, also known as “back-flow prevention valves” are designed to allow water to flow out from the drain, yet seal tightly any time the flow goes in the wrong direction.

Although a Backwater Valve alone will Stop the Reverse Drain Problem, you will be left with the difficulty of disposing of water which normally drains through your system. If the water table remains elevated for several days – or worse, if it is permanently “too high” – you will be flooded in waste-water of your own making, either from your Plumbing Drains or from groundwater infiltration. This can be a frustrating and unhealthy situation, but it is easily remedied by a simple BackWater Valve & Sump Pump Installation Toronto

dsc04707A Sump Pump Installation in Toronto is placed in a pit which extends below the lowest floor level of your structure, and pumps the waste water, under pressure, through the drainage system. This enables your waste-water to open the Backwater Valve while flowing, yet prevents back flow when the pump turns off – and it works no matter how much rain you have had.

Home / business owners who are plagued with flooded basements should consult the Professionals Plumbers at AquaLux Draining & Plumbing company – (416) 951-0777. We’ll Check your Drainage System and advise you whether the Best Solution for your problem is a Back Water Valve Installation and Sump Pump Installation in Toronto .

Clogged Toilet Drain Repair Service – forget about the issue

clogged-toiletAs you know the buildup in the pipes collects gradually. Perhaps you have been pouring bleach into the toilet or followed other recommendations you found online and now you feel like the sewage is totally blocked. And just in case you are now worried that you need professional Clogged Toilet Drain Repair Service – call AquaLux Draining and Plumbing company 416-951-0777 for the quote. We will discuss the issue and consult you on any arising questions.

You might also want to install the “clean out” and if you have not heard of that valve just yet it allows you to clean the sewer pipelines without even entering the house. Remember that it is always better to let the Experienced Plumbers Fix the Clogged Toilet Drain, and Clogged Toilet Mississauga for you than the issue will be gone for sure.

How to Avoid Clogged Toilet Drain

So why does the Blocked Sewer Pipes problem keeps on coming back over and over again? You see the sewage is only meant to carry water, human waste, Clogged Toilet Mississauga, and toilet paper. Most families flush down the things that should not be in the pipelines so forget about flushing down things like:

  • Cooking fat
  • Garden waste or food wastes
  • Diapers
  • Sanitary products
  • Plastic bags
  • Clothing and rugs
  • Condoms
  • Paper handkerchiefs
  • Cat litter
  • Cotton sticks and cotton balls
  • Plaster or cement
  • Paint or paint thinners
  • Clogged Toilet Drain

Teach your family to follow those simple rules and your sewer line will always be as good as new.

Call AquaLux Draining and Plumbing company for the Professional Services

Our sanitary technicians can be at your house within a few hours and fix the Blocked Toilet Drain issue right away. AquaLux also has a hotline that works around the clock with no days off. Call us 416-951-0777 and we shall give you a quote and consult you on the issues that you have. We have been providing Drain Cleaning Services and Clogged Toilet Mississauga for 18 years and have thousands of references plus there is a money-back guarantee. Call us any time and we will be very happy to help you.