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Sewer Line Replacement EtobicokeIf you run into the problem of clogged drain you may try to fix it yourself or call a city licensed professional plumber 416-951-0777. The choice depends on scale of the trouble.

The typical causes are aging drainage/sewer pipelines and blockages in them.

Reasons for the drain or sewer blockage:

  1. Materials that stuck and/or built up over time: hair, dirt, paper products or food debris etc.
  2. Problem with the drain or sewer pipe itself: a broken or deteriorated pipe, breakages from tree roots etc.

Simple solutions can help you to remove a minor blockage of sewer line:

  • pour chemicals or mixture of baking soda, vinegar and boiling water along the drain with simultaneous plugging of the drain opening for about 15 minutes
  • use a water plunger to produce suction that will push the blockage away
  • use a flexible steel snake to plunge the blockage in the curved pipes

Remember that chemicals intoxicate your premises, so, do not overuse them.

If despite all your efforts the problem is still in place, you need professional inspection of your drain or sewer. Call a local Plumber Company in Etobicoke for support with sewer/drain cleaning/repair.

Professional solutions include:

  • examination of the drain or sewer system with an inspection camera to diagnose causes of the blockages
  • Sewer Line Replacement Etobicoke
  • sewer line replacement
  • replacement of the entire drain/sewer line with a new pvc sewer pipe
Sewer Line Replacement Etobicoke
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