A Backflow Valve will Save Your Drinking Water from Contamination

valve_backflow_preventerHave you ever experienced Drain Backup or Backflows in your water supply system? It’s probably the worst plumbing disaster you’ll ever have to deal with. Fortunately, these emergencies can be easily prevented with the help of certain prevention devices. A Backflow Valve is specially designed to block the reverse flow of water in both residential properties and commercial establishments.

Actually, backflow occurs when the water supply system experiences hydraulic conditions creating sudden pressure drops. As a result, dirty water can enter the Clean Water Lines. Certainly, backflow is dangerous, so as it may lead to public water contamination. Numerous waterborne diseases may include parasitic, bacterial and protozoal infections such as cholera, dysentery, amoebiasis, etc.

How to prevent backflow?

In most cases reversing flow of water may occur in cross-connections of the pipe system where clean water lines and drainage lines are joined.

The best way to protect your drinking water from this emergency is to Install a Backflow Valve. The device will successfully prevent the revers flow of potentially polluted water into your pipeline.

Apart from Backwater Valve Installation, you should follow next recommendations to avoid backflow in your plumbing system and protect water against contamination:

  • Don’t submerge hoses in swimming pools, ponds, tubs, sinks, buckets or any standing water.
  • Never use a hose to unclog sewer pipes or blocked toilets.
  • Make sure the ends of hoses are clear of dirt and possible contaminants.
  • The ends of hoses have to be kept above the ground.
  • Use ‘hose bib vacuum breakers’ for connecting garden hoses.

Your underground lawn irrigation system has to be protected with a reliable backflow prevention device as well.

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