Using a Backwater Valve & Sump Pump can Protect your Home

back-water-valveBack Water Valve & Sump Pump Installation can greatly Reduce your Basement Drainage Problems. Drainage is normally dependent upon gravity. If you have properly designed drainage system, and it is in good condition, you shouldn’t experience Drainage Backup. The exception occurs when the water table outside your home is higher than your basement floor, or when the water level in drainage pipes which receive your “outfall” matches or exceeds the level within your basement.

dsc05430Unfortunately, many homes in Toronto and GTA region have basements which are very close to that critical level. Rain, melting snow, and other external factors which raise the water level in the public drainage system may actually cause water to flow backward from the drainage system, into your home. Home / business owners who have experienced this problem will ONLY resolve it by the Installation of a Backwater Valve. These devices, also known as “back-flow prevention valves” are designed to allow water to flow out from the drain, yet seal tightly any time the flow goes in the wrong direction.

Although a Backwater Valve alone will Stop the Reverse Drain Problem, you will be left with the difficulty of disposing of water which normally drains through your system. If the water table remains elevated for several days – or worse, if it is permanently “too high” – you will be flooded in waste-water of your own making, either from your Plumbing Drains or from groundwater infiltration. This can be a frustrating and unhealthy situation, but it is easily remedied by a simple BackWater Valve & Sump Pump Installation.

dsc04707A Sump Pump is placed in a pit which extends below the lowest floor level of your structure, and pumps the waste water, under pressure, through the drainage system. This enables your waste-water to open the Backwater Valve while flowing, yet prevents back flow when the pump turns off – and it works no matter how much rain you have had.

Home / business owners who are plagued with flooded basements should consult the Professionals Plumbers at AquaLux Draining & Plumbing company – (416) 951-0777. We’ll Check your Drainage System and advise you whether the Best Solution for your problem is a Back Water Valve Installation and Sump Pump Installation.

Using a Backwater Valve & Sump Pump can Protect your Home
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