Catch Basin Installation Toronto (GTA), Mississauga

Catch Basin Installation Toronto (GTA), Mississauga

dsc05411When standing water or poor drainage causes problems in your lawn or driveway, you may benefit from Catch Basin Installation Toronto, with Underground Drainage Pipes. If you don’t know what a catch basin is, it is a bit like your bathtub drain – but in the lawn, driveway, or wherever water pools when it rains! Catch basin are also sometimes called “drop inlets”, because they allow the water to drop beneath the surface into Underground Drainage Pipes.

There are different kinds of Catch Basin Installation Toronto (GTA), Mississauga.

Which one you need depends on several variables. If a Catch Basin is to be located in a traffic area, such as a driveway, it is very important that it be capable of handling cars and trucks which may drive over it. The best material in such a case would usually be a concrete catch basin with a steel or cast iron grating. There are heavy duty fibreglass catch basin, as well, but due to expense, they are generally used only in rare cases such as exposure to corrosive materials – usually for industrial plants.


In the case of lawn drainage, your application may be well served by light duty, ready-made plastic catch basin. Such structures can generally tolerate the passage of lawn equipment, but they should never be exposed to heavy vehicles. It is also very important that the project be designed by someone who is familiar with Catch Basin Installation Toronto. It’s crucial that the drainage pipes be large enough to handle the volume of water which will reach the basin, and that the pipes be properly buried to Prevent Damage.

There is much more to the process of Catch Basin Installation in Toronto (GTA), Mississauga than just digging a ditch and throwing in some pipe! It is very important that catch basin be installed at the proper elevation, and that the ground is properly shaped to guide water to the catch basin. It is also critical that the Drainage Pipes Underground are laid with proper “fall”, and that they have no low places which would hold water.


A well designed drainage system will be almost invisible, and will remove excess water, preventing it from standing in your driveway and lawn. In the process, a properly constructed Catch Basin Installation will prevent water from saturating the soil around your basement or foundation. If you don’t want open drainage ditches on your property, a well designed Install Catch Basin is often the best option.

Homeowners who are struggling with drainage issues should call AquaLux Draining & Plumbing Company (416) 951-0777. Our Drainage Professionals Toronto can help you to determine whether your situation calls for Catch Basin Installation Toronto.

Catch Basin Installation Toronto (GTA), Mississauga
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