How to Prevent Blocked Basement Drain?

Blocked Basement Drain MississaugaSurely, prevention is better than cure. Before you install ore replace your drain pipes, you should know some tips on how to avoid Clogged Basement Drain Mississauga.


3 Simple advices for homeowners:

  1. Use a Drain screen or a strainer
    These tools will trap any debris to Protect the Basement Drainage System from Blockage. So, it’s worth to set this tool when Installing or Replacing a Drainage System. When the drain screen is installed, don’t forget to clean it regularly; otherwise, it will be filled with debris and cause more clogging.
  2. Degrease the drain pipes regularly
    It’s necessary to degrease the pipes 1-2 times a month if some grease or any other oily products are flushed down your drainage system. You can easily do it by pouring hot water. It will melt the grease and remove it out of the pipes. Make sure that oily products are removed regularly.
  3. Flush the drains
    Don’t forget to flush the drains after every use and don’t flush anything solid you’re your basement sinks or toilet bowls.

You can always contact a Plumber in case of Clogged Basement Drain Mississauga and get professional consultation.

What do we recommend?

It’s important to choose the right sewer pipes for your basement. Keep in mind that PVC pipes are resistant to corrosion. Due to smooth surface of PVC pipes, debris, grease, and other materials easily go down the drain. In contrast to them, metal pipes usually corrode. This makes their internal diameter much smaller. So, you’d better choose PVC pipes for your basement drain.

Blocked Basement Drain

AquaLux Draining and Plumbing company specializes in Drain (sewer) Cleaning & Replacement. We also provide Basement Waterproofing to prevent water from entering your basement. In general, waterproofing is required if your building is constructed below ground or at ground level. It is recommended to Install Basement Waterproofing System when Replacing or Installing Sewer Pipes.

For some districts of greater Toronto area Basement Flooding Protection Subsidy programs are available. Our Plumbing Company will help you execute all documents to receive the subsidy and get some money back for the Installation or Repair Drain Pipes.

Our team of Plumbers Professionals can easily Fix your Clogged Basement Drain Mississauga and solve any other Plumbing Problems. So, don’t waste your time and money and Call Us today – (416) 951-0777!

How to Prevent Blocked Basement Drain?
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