What is the Difference between a Backwater Valve and Backflow Preventer?

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backwater-valve3People often get confused with the definitions of Backwater Valve and Bbackflow Preventer. Despite the fact that these terms sound almost identical, their functioning is different.

Backwater Valve Installation Mississauga prevent the wastewater from getting into your place, whereas Backflow Preventers don’t let the water leave your place.

Do you need a Backwater Valve Installation Mississauga?


Backwater Valve Installation Mississauga is installed at the place where your wastewater pipe connects to municipal sewage system in order to protect your house from Sewage Backup. The valve automatically closes if backflow conditions are detected.

The purpose of using Backflow Preventers is different. They don’t prevent the wastewater from getting into your house. Instead, Backwater Valve Installation in Mississauga are used to control your drinking water supply system.

The water in the main water supply may backup, allowing dirt get into drinking water. Without a doubt, consumption of impure water can lead to serious health problems. Fertilizer, pesticides, chemicals and other pollutants may get into the water and cause a lot of harm.

Backflow Preventer would be an ideal solution to prevent a disaster. The device restricts the flow of water to one direction. A ball check valve design tends to be the most widely used today. The device includes a special ball that is slightly larger in diameter than the supply line. In normal conditions water passes freely through the ball. Though, the ball remains closed if there is a risk of getting downstream water into the municipal supply line.

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