Emergency Sump Pump System. Our home is our castle, don’t let water wrack it!

Battery-back-up-system-200x150Everyone knows that comfort and safety are these essential conditions that make our Home our Castle. However, sometimes contingencies arise and endanger our peace and order. Our brand-new Emergency Sump Pump System designed to remove excess water, whether it is rainwater, underground water, or sudden outburst in water supply system from the particular area. Our innovative Model 441 makes you forget about dampness, mold and pools in your basement, that leads not only to insanitariness but also to house footing destruction.

Work automatically when power fails!

It’s main advantage consists in the fact that it works during a power outage or any other trouble that prevents normal operation of the primary pump. Such features as advanced charging system with 5 stages and audible alarm and light make the use of this system even more convenient and pleasing. But not forget to obey some easy rules while utilizing: avoid using in hot water (over 140°F) and in dirty water with solid particles, such as sand, cement and mud.

Our new Model 441 Includes:

  • High output 12 volt submersible pump;
  • Pictorial control panel;
  • Mercury-free, automatic switch;
  • Battery box and strap;
  • 12 volt charger;
  • Tee, check valve and bushings for 1-1/2″ or 1-1/4″ connections.

Professionals do it better!


It comes as no surprise that this Emergency Sump Pump System is under high voltage and can cause intense or even fatal electrical shock. While misuse you menace not only normal operation of the system, but even your life! So isn’t it better to pass the entire buck on our Professionals Plumbers in Mississauga, Toronto (GTA)? We will take upon ourselves all the installation and maintenance of the Emergency Sump Pump System and leave you only the joy and comfort in your house.

Emergency Sump Pump System. Our home is our castle, don’t let water wrack it!
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