Mainline ML-FR4 – Backwater Valve Installation

ML-FR4-backwater_valve_01Our company is glad to propose you a new service – Installation of the New Model of Backwater Valve. If you don’t have a great amount of slope to work with, ML-FR4 ABS is the best choice you can make. And our highly qualified and experienced professionals will install it as soon as possible and to the best advantage!

Backwater Valve is one of the most important elements of the autonomous water system.


It preserves water system from such water canal outages as reduction of water pressure, shutdown of the pump, leaks, etc. Every of these outages pose big problems that only professional plumbers can solve, and it often costs a lot of money and takes a lot of time.

But you can simply Install Backwater Valve, and you will not have to think about all these problems. We propose you to install new ML-FR4 ABS Automatic Backwater Valve. It will help you to reduce risks of Sewage Backflow throughout the dwelling, because it closes automatically in thew case of Sewage Backup. It also regulates air circulation in your Plumbing System.

If you want to prevent backup through shower drains, floor drains, sink drains and toilets, ML-FR4 is right for it. And it is made of clear plastic that is very easy to clean. Also, this Backwater Valve has a lid that allows you to easily inspect the valve visually. Once you installed, you won’t have any problem with it for many years.

The installation will not take a lot of time, and we are as always ready to react to your call very fast and help you with any problem with your Plumbing System! We are always happy to help our new and loyal customers.



Mainline ML-FR4 – Backwater Valve Installation
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