Weeping Tile Installation and Replacement Services in Toronto (GTA), Mississauga

One of the important devices for Basement Waterproofing is the Installation of Weeping Tile. This structure is a porous tube that surrounds the perimeter of your house foundation. It collects the water which comes from the outside (such as rain, ground water) and redirects it to the Sump Pit and outputs it through the Sump Pump to the city sewer. Thus, even during heavy rains and flooding your basement and your property are secured with dryness and cleanliness.

I already have Weeping Tile. Do I need to change it?

Yes, if you have an old clay Weeping Tile. Over the years, it becomes clogged and damaged thereby not performing its duties as it should. If you find moisture in the basement, call immediately for a professional advice and assistance.

Weeping Tile installation procedure will not be an ordeal if you contact us. We have all the necessary tools and modern equipment to do the job as soon as possible, and our highly skilled professionals will have it done efficiently providing you with many years of guarantee.

AquaLux Draining & Plumbing Company has provided dryness to your basements since the last century in the following areas: Toronto, Mississauga, Etobicoke, Scarborough, North York, Oakville, Vaughan, ThornHill.

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Wet Basement Problems

  • Basement Floods
  • Leaking Basement Wall
  • Basement Flooding
  • Clogged Weeping Tile

Basement Floods Solutions

  • Weeping Tile Installation
  • Weeping Tile Replacement
  • Snaking Weeping Tile
  • Cleaning Out Weeping Tiles
  • Unclog Weeping Tile
  • Remove the Mould from Basement

Have your Sewer Cleaning Toronto by plumbing professionals

high-pressure-water-jetting-400x144The most common Plumbing Problem is probably Drain Blockage. It is usually caused by a collection of grease, dirt and hair that become hard inside the pipe. A variety of professional machines can be used to Sewer Cleaning Toronto (GTA), Mississauga. The most common Sewer Cleaning devices are water jets and cable machines.

Sewer Cleaning Toronto (GTA), Mississauga

If the Blockage doesn’t lie deep into the sewer system, different Snakes can be very helpful. Though, for more complex drain problems it would be better to take a High Pressure Water Jet Toronto. Not only do water jets Remove Blockage, but they also Clean out the entire drain system, preventing further clogging.

Besides, High-Pressure Water Jetting Toronto provides health benefits. Apart from harmful bacteria, jets successfully remove noxious fumes, produced by grease and decaying food. Controlled water pressure will carefully Sewer Cleaning Toronto Without Damage to your Sewer System.

Another common Plumbing Problem Toronto is Tree Roots infiltration. Thus, if your drain system is located near trees, a more serious drain pipe problem may occur. It’s not a secret that tree Roots are looking for humidity. If there are any cracks or damages in your drain system, the roots will get into the drain and start to grow inside.

Over time roots grow larger. The longer this issue is left unsolved, the more costly solution can be in the future. This drain problem can also be efficiently fixed with the help of professional cable machines and High Pressure Water Jetting Toronto.

Call in the Plumbing Professionals to have your Sewer Cleaning Toronto!


If you notice that the drain becomes slowly than usual, moisture is appearing on the walls around the Sewer Pipe, water is Backing Up, and the sound of gurgling is heard when water is pouring out, be sure that your Sewer pipe is Clogged.

Contact AquaLux Draining and Plumbing company (416) 951-0777. Our Highly Trained Toronto Plumbers and Technicians can solve a wide variety of drain and plumbing problems associated with a drain system in your home.

We will Inspect Sewer Pipes in Toronto (GTA), Mississauga with a special Plumber Camera to detect what caused the problem. The thorough inspection can also prevent future blockages from forming.

We will easily Sewer Cleaning Toronto (GTA), Mississauga with the help of high quality tools and equipment.

No matter if it is a complex Sewer Problem Toronto or a Small Pipe Repair, we have knowledge and experience needed to get the task done right!

How to Prevent Blocked Basement Drain?

Blocked Basement Drain MississaugaSurely, prevention is better than cure. Before you install ore replace your drain pipes, you should know some tips on how to avoid Clogged Basement Drain Mississauga.


3 Simple advices for homeowners:

  1. Use a Drain screen or a strainer
    These tools will trap any debris to Protect the Basement Drainage System from Blockage. So, it’s worth to set this tool when Installing or Replacing a Drainage System. When the drain screen is installed, don’t forget to clean it regularly; otherwise, it will be filled with debris and cause more clogging.
  2. Degrease the drain pipes regularly
    It’s necessary to degrease the pipes 1-2 times a month if some grease or any other oily products are flushed down your drainage system. You can easily do it by pouring hot water. It will melt the grease and remove it out of the pipes. Make sure that oily products are removed regularly.
  3. Flush the drains
    Don’t forget to flush the drains after every use and don’t flush anything solid you’re your basement sinks or toilet bowls.

You can always contact a Plumber in case of Clogged Basement Drain Mississauga and get professional consultation.

What do we recommend?

It’s important to choose the right sewer pipes for your basement. Keep in mind that PVC pipes are resistant to corrosion. Due to smooth surface of PVC pipes, debris, grease, and other materials easily go down the drain. In contrast to them, metal pipes usually corrode. This makes their internal diameter much smaller. So, you’d better choose PVC pipes for your basement drain.

Blocked Basement Drain

AquaLux Draining and Plumbing company specializes in Drain (sewer) Cleaning & Replacement. We also provide Basement Waterproofing to prevent water from entering your basement. In general, waterproofing is required if your building is constructed below ground or at ground level. It is recommended to Install Basement Waterproofing System when Replacing or Installing Sewer Pipes.

For some districts of greater Toronto area Basement Flooding Protection Subsidy programs are available. Our Plumbing Company will help you execute all documents to receive the subsidy and get some money back for the Installation or Repair Drain Pipes.

Our team of Plumbers Professionals can easily Fix your Clogged Basement Drain Mississauga and solve any other Plumbing Problems. So, don’t waste your time and money and Call Us today – (416) 951-0777!

Save Your Money with Toronto Basement Flooding Protection Subsidy Program!

photo61-200x150Different factors may contribute to Basement Problems. The most common of them are aging pipe system, severe weather and foundation deterioration. Moreover, city’s sewer system in GTA tends to get overwhelmed with extra water in rainy seasons. Basement flooding protection subsidy program can help reduce repair expenses.

The protection subsidy encourages citizens to take actions to decrease the risk of Flooding in Basements. Homeowners who live in Toronto and GTA have a great opportunity to apply for the Flooding Protection Subsidy Program Toronto. The city offers up to 80% of the repair cost (up to $3400 per property).

Is Basement Flooding Protection Subsidy Program right for you?

Check whether your property meets the requirements of the program.

  • The Subsidy Program is available for single-family residences within the City of Toronto (GTA).
  • All installations must be finished before the property owner applies for the subsidy.
  • Homeowners can apply for the subsidy in case of Sump Pump Installation Toronto, Back-Water Valve Installation Toronto, Pipe Severance and Capping.
  • An approved inspection and building permit are necessary for Backwater Valve Installation.
  • The program is available for existing homes only, not homes currently under constructions or in the planning stage.
  • A Licensed Drain Contractor or Plumbing Contractor must be hired by a homeowner to perform the installation.
  • All applications and documents must be originals. Photocopies won’t be accepted.

Send supporting documentation and applications to the Basement Flooding Protection Service within a year after the installation of basement equipment.

AquaLux Draining and Plumbing company can help you with Toronto Subsidy Program (Rebate Program).

Save your money and reduce the risk of Flooding in your Basement! Call AquaLux Draining and Plumbing company for FREE consultation. Our experts will estimate the situation and help you start your application process. We provide a detailed invoice for services, as required by the Basement Protection Program.

Contact Us and discuss issues concerning Toronto Basement Flooding Protection Subsidy Program. Our High Quality Contractors are Licensed to Provide Basement Repair Services in Toronto and GTA. So, Take care of your private property with AquaLux Draining and Plumbing!

Don’t let Basement Sump Pit Odor spoil your life!

basement-sump-pump-263x300Sump Pumps are devices used to Remove Groundwater out of the building. They prevent houses and other structures from potential flooding. Blockage in Pipes can lead to the Pump Damage.

Frozen or Blocked outflow tends to be a typical problem. It’s important to Clean and Inspect Drains on regular bases in order to avoid Blockage and Basement Sump Pit Odor.

You should contact a Plumbing Company Toronto and ask for advice about the right maintaining your system.

What may cause Basement Sump Pit Odor?

Pit Odor is also a common problem. It can be caused by two reasons:

  1. Leaking Waste Pipe. If it leaks into the ground and then seeping into your basement, Sump Pit Odor may appear.
  2. The Sump Pump doesn’t work properly. As a result, some stagnant liquid is left in the pit for extended periods.

Normally, a Sump Pump may have a slightly Musty Smell or doesn’t Smell at all. If you have any problems with Basement Sump Pit Odor, don’t hesitate to Call a Plumber.

AquaLux Draining and Plumbing company Toronto (GTA) offers a range of services for you

We can Repair your Drain Pipes and give Professional Recommendations on how to avoid Problems with Clogging. We will provide you with the important information about proper maintaining and Repairing your Plumbing System.

Whether you need to Unclog your Drain, Fix or Replace the Pipes, Sump Pump Installation or Install Weeping Tiles and French Drain, contact AquaLux Draining and Plumbing and our team of Professional Experts will easily solve your Problem.

Apart from Drain Cleaning & Ppipe Repair we also can offer Free Drain Camera Inspection, Tree Roots Removal, Repairing Pipes Without Digging and many other services.

We recommend Pipe Bursting as a Perfect way to Replace Old Pipes. This Trenchless Technique allows you Replace Pipelines under trees, garages, sidewalks and fences Without any Damage to your yard.

You can also consider Installation Weeping Tiles and French Drain around your house. If the water flows off from the raised place and gets accumulated in one area, you may want to make a separate drain at this area and Install Weeping Tiles and French Drain.

It is also advisable to set Backwater Valve Installation Toronto – Save up to $1250 rebate cost. It prevents raw sewage from entering your home through your showers, toilets, and so on.

Thus, in case of Basement Sump Pit Odor and any other Plumbing Problems Toronto Call Us 416-951-0777 today and get Professional Advice!