How to deal with Basement Sewer Backup efficiently?

sewer-backup-200x150Basement Sewer Backup Mississauga, Toronto (GTA) is a common problem among many homeowners. During heavy rains the sewage system becomes filled with more water and waste than it can carry. This way, sewage water needs to go somewhere. As a result, the liquid finds its way into the basement through sewer/drain pipes.

The most common causes of Sewer Backup in Mississauga, Toronto (GTA):

  1. Sewers are full. In rainy seasons the excess water often overloads the sewer system.
  2. Drain pipe blockage. It is the most typical reason for basement Sewer Backup. The clog may be caused by household refuse, debris and Tree Roots.
  3. Sump pump failure. Perhaps your sump pump cannot cope with excess water.
  4. Seepage. If water level is high, the liquid forces itself to get through holes and cracks into the foundation, especially in older homes. This often happen during snow-melt periods, thawing of ground or periods of heavy rain.

The right solution for your basement

The best way to avoid sewage backflow in your basement is to set a Backwater Valve. When the waste water tries to get into your home, the flap inside the backflow valve will immediately close off the opening. Thus, sewage cannot enter your basement.

The benefits of backflow valve are obvious. It prevents damage to your property and helps avoid costly repair and hazardous cleanup. Without a doubt, it protects your health and safety.

If you have a Backwater Valve and still experience Flooding Problems, try to clean out the device. You should do this regularly to ensure the flap of the valve can freely close. Inspect the shut off valve at least once a year.

Hire a Professional Plumber Mississauga, Toronto (GTA) to check your drainage system. Ask him to show you a process of inspecting and maintenance the device.

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How to deal with Basement Sewer Backup efficiently?
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