Waterproofing Basement Walls outside or inside

waterproofingYou will be pleasantly surprised by our prices for the services of Basements and Walls Waterproofing because we work without intermediaries and the price for our services is lower than the average market price. You will be able to see it yourself by giving us a call at 416-951-0777 today.


  • Poor Waterproofing of Foundation and Walls is much more dangerous than you think. First, it has a devastating impact on the foundation of the building and spreads very quickly. All of this implies significant financial loss when you would have to put the house back in order.
  • In addition, Wet Basement or Leaking Walls are very dangerous to your health. Mold has a very adverse effect on the respiratory system triggering allergies, asthma and even cancerous diseases. Therefore, for both your home, and your health it will be much safer as well as more profitable to eliminate all kinds of problems with waterproofing right now.

How to test how well your basement is protected from dampness?

Weeping_Tile-200x100People ask us this question all the time because it is not always possible to determine the degree of the risk with just a naked eye. One of the main signs of dampness penetration into the basement is when you sense the characteristic damp, musty odor, or see visible stains of moisture. If you experience those, we are here to help you out very fast and easily.
Besides, we take into consideration the age of the house, its design for Interior and Exterior Waterproofing, and many such factors that are known only to specialists. Thus, even if you might think that everything is “OK” to have a regular “check-up” is strongly recommended.

How Would We Protect Your Basement?

Modern technology can really work wonders. Besides, they are becoming increasingly “cost-efficient”. In our work, we use environmentally safe materials that potentially have a life span that counts decades. If you add our experience to it, you’ll state with confidence that your home is certainly protected from adversities of everyday life. And so is the health and well-being of your family and loved ones.

Waterproofing Basement Walls outside or inside
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