Waterproofing of Foundation Walls Toronto (GTA), Mississauga

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWaterproofing Foundation Walls Toronto (GTA), Mississauga is very important for many homes and businesses in the Greater Toronto Area. Unless your home or business is located on “high ground”, there are surely times when groundwater rises above the level of your foundation. If this occurs, unless your foundation walls are waterproof, you should expect to find seepage and leaks – with resulting damage to your building and its contents. Groundwater is an unavoidable fact of life, but you DON’T have to allow it inside your home!


Waterproofing of Foundation Walls Toronto (GTA), Mississauga is not the only factor which you should consider, but it is certainly an important one. If your home or business has shown leaks, seeps, or general “wetness”, you should consult with an experienced plumbing contractor who specializes in Waterproofing of Foundation Wall Toronto (GTA), Mississauga.


The waterproofing process will vary according to your structure and the drainage situation that surrounds it, so it’s definitely not a “one size fits all” proposition. You may be tempted to “roll on a quick coat of waterproof paint” – but we should warn you that such an approach is not likely to solve your problem. An experienced professional can advise you which solution or combination of solutions is right for your home or business.

In general, Waterproofing Foundation Walls Toronto (GTA), Mississauga will be much more effective when done from the outside.

This process is not simple, nor is it cheap, but you should keep in mind the old adage that “anything worth doing is worth doing well”. Without doubt, this is true when the topic is waterproofing of foundation walls.


Give us a call at AquaLux Draining and Plumbing company Toronto, (416) 951-0777. We do Professional Waterproofing of Foundation Walls from the outside. We’ll advise you whether it’s best in your situation. If it is, these are the things that we’ll do for your home or business:


  • Excavating. The first step is to expose the entire foundation, all of the way to the bottom.
  • Cleaning the walls and purging with waterproof cement; Crack repairs (done right); Careful inspection of footings, rebuilding them where needed.
  • Replacing Concrete. Sometimes, it is better to replace, rather than trying to repair degraded or low quality concrete.
  • Applying bituminous sealant (“tar”).
  • Installation of Plastic Delta Membrane.
  • Weeping tile pipe installation; connecting to existing drain line or Sump Pit.
  • Installation of Sump Pump and drain systems.
  • Installation of window wells.
  • Back filling. (It’s important that back filling be done correctly to avoid damage to the foundation, and to assure that it doesn’t later settle, creating sunken areas that may tend to hold water.)
  • Disposing of debris and general cleanup. We don’t consider the job finished until your site is clean and neat.


Of course, the precise details of work will vary according to each individual case. Give us a call at AquaLux Draining and Plumbing contractor ☎ (416) 951-0777. We’ll help you to determine the best approach to Waterproofing Foundation Walls Toronto (GTA), Mississauga for your situation.

Waterproofing of Foundation Walls Toronto (GTA), Mississauga
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