Waterproofing Services in Toronto (GTA) and Mississauga

Coming in pat with Waterproofing Services Toronto is the best way to avoid problems with Wet Basement Walls and Leaking Basement. There is no other alternative under such conditions as wet environment in our region (Toronto, GTA, Mississauga). If there are any leaks of walls and basement you should consult the expert. Otherwise water may destroy the foundation or walls and cause mould. That is why it is better to Waterproofing Basement Toronto than involve yourself in wall mold removal procedure.

Key Features of Waterproofing Services Toronto


It is better to proceed the Waterproofing Basement from the Outside. It is much more effective and it serves for a long period of time.



Call us and our experts will subject the plan of work to critical examination and offer you the best solution of you Basement and Wall Waterproofing in Toronto, GTA, Mississauga.



Take into account that well done Waterproofing Services Toronto will bring healthy environment into your home and provide warmth and comfort for your family.


As the basement sits in the water basin it wicks in the water, the block joints and the concrete itself. Over the time you shall see the water coming through snap rod, tie-rod wholes, and conduits as well as honeycombing wet spots in the foundation walls.

The water saturated mortar or concrete will get softer and weaker over the years and so the foundation of the house deteriorates. So you should do everything to waterproof the basement and save yourself from the future headache and flooded basement emergency. Call AquaLux (416) 951-0777 for Waterproofing Services Toronto. We have been on the market for nearly 14 years working in Toronto (GTA), Mississauga and our professionals can be at your house in a few hours.

Best Waterproofing Services Toronto Options

So why should you install the weeping tiles and what are they used for? Let us briefly go over the benefits:

  • The technology has been greatly improved since 1950s when the clay weeping tiles were used. It is fairly simple and without it the basement could basically sit in the water puddle. Depending on the height of the water table oyu would end up with a permanently wet basement.
  • The weeping tiles are located at the basement of the foundation.
  • Water is than directed into the storm sewer system.

Why Our Services Are Better

When it comes to the Waterproofing Services in Toronto (GTA) and Mississauga you can see numerous offers and deals from thousands of plumbing companies. So what makes the AquaLux Draining and Plumbing company different? If you work with our sanitary technicians you will appreciate their professionalism. Before making the final choice – call our customer care that works 24 hours with no days off. Our Plumbing Company will help you with applying for the “Basement Flooding Protection Subsidy Program”. You will be pleased with the services.