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Plumbing is as vital as the oxygen to the human body. In order to install a safe plumbing system in the house, it is imperative to hire an efficient, reliable, and experienced plumber. So, if you are looking for a professional plumber for the plumbing and Drain Service in Mississauga, then you have come to the right place. We provide a wide range of plumbing services Mississauga at affordable rates.

Plumbing Services Mississauga

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What is trenchless drain repairing technology?

Trenchless technology allows repairing the drain, sewer, and water pipes without digging or removing the house’s flooring part. The trenchless technology does not add to the expense or the risk compared to that of the conventional pipe repairing practice. To prevent this type of frustration, we use trenchless drain pipe technology.

Importance of trenchless technology:

  • The positive point of trenchless technology is that we can point out the wrong place and be repaired easily instead of expensive digging and removing a large portion of flooring.
  • After completing the plumbing work, it was necessary to follow up repairs, but thanks to trenchless technology, this is no longer expensive.

What we offer:

AquaLux provides the best plumbing services in Mississauga, as they use advance sewer drain and water pipe repairing technology. Several methods used to install pipeline through trenchless construction, but we offer:

  • Micro tunneling;
  • Mini horizontal directional drilling.

Clogged Drain

What is clogged drain cleaning services?

Clogged drains occur due to the debris, dust, or foreign object stuck in the drain and sewer pipes. The most common and most significant problem of the household is the blockage of drain pipes. The Clogged Drain cleaner is used for cleaning the sink, which is readily available in local stores. Drain pipe blocked due to different reasons given as:

  • Fats, food oil, and grease;
  • Kleenex and tissue papers;
  • Debris and dust;
  • Powders and blushes;
  • Baby wipes.

All these materials, the drain pipes clogged, and householders face unwanted consequences. To prevent all these difficulties is to clean sewer and drain pipe regularly.

What we offer:

We provides the best cleaning services and all necessary and professional tools to eradicate clogged sewer and drain. A CCTV drain camera is used to find the blockage in the drain and sewer pipes. Drain Cleaning service provided by our team is efficient and quicker than others. You will be surprised to hear that our Drain camera inspection is free. Technique and tools used for clog drain cleanings are:

  • Drain cleaner;
  • Plunging;
  • Snacking;
  • P trap cleaning.

Snaking Drain problems

It is imperative to fix the drain blockage as soon as possible. If the drain blockage is not resolved earlier, it can cause much more damage to the property. The signs of the drain blockage are as follows:

  • Slow Draining;
  • Flooding;
  • Slow flow or low pressure;
  • Burst pipes.

It is recommended that the problem seems severe or not related to drain, fix it as soon as possible.

What we offer:

One of the best ways to deal with the mild or mid-sized clog is the snaking of the drain. Drain Snaking is one of the fastest and comfortable solutions. Our professional plumbers do the snaking of the drain by the use of the following tools:

  • Motorized Drain Augers: Tool used by professional plumbers for drain unclogging.

Sewer and water line repair without digging

Sewer and drain pipes start weak with time because of different reasons that included bursting of pipes or roots of tree invade the line, and these damaged pipes cause unwanted issues in homes. Digging, excavating, and removing a large portion of flooring were used to remove or Replace Water Pipes. Luckily, due to advancements in technology, another method is used instead of digging and excavating. These methods are:

  • Trenchless Technology;
  • Cured in Place Pipe Lining (CIIP).

In CIIP, the liquid epoxy linear solution is used to seal the damaged place of pipes.

What we offer:

AquaLux Draining and Plumbing company use up-to-date methods and specialist having experience more than fourteen years for this work. We are prepared to use a new pipe instead of a corroded pipe, and most importantly, we use copper pipe instead of the lead pipe because lead pipes have oxides that are effective for health. With our advanced tools, we also the sewer line replacement and water line replacement.

Sewer Video Inspection Service

Sewer video inspection visually inspects the interiors of the sewer drain pipeline, storm drains, and the plumbing system. One worst experience is preparing for any party or any function at home, and your drain is clogged. A Drain Video Inspection is done to check the insides of the plumbing system. It will help to find the root of the problem. It is one of the best ways to get into severe issues with the plumbing system.

What we offer:

If regular inspection of the public sewers is done, it will accumulate a significant amount of the waste in the drain pipes or result in the bursting of pipe. To prevent bad events like the bursting of line and sewage flooding or identify the clogged area, it is recommended to call the AquaLuxDP, a professional Plumbing Service Mississauga. We are the most trusted brand in the inspection and the pipe repairing drain service in Mississauga. The tools and the process that we use are as follow:

  • Modern Video Equipment
  • Drain camera
  • CCTV Inspection Camera
  • Jet Scan
  • Digital push camera
  • Inspection Software
  • Rapid Sewer Survey

Sump pump Installation

The sump pump is responsible for keeping the basement dry as it relieves the water pressure. The drain pipe is actually inside the house’s basement, allowing it to collect and carry into the sump pit. The Sump Pump Installation adds value to the home and alerts the homeowners when the water level exceeds the standard limit. The best method to channeling the groundwater into the drain system is the installation of the sump pump.

What we offer:

To keep the crawlspace and the basement dry, it is essential to go for the installation of the sump pump. It also prevents mold and mildew as they cause serious health issues. So, if you are looking for a new sump pump installation, let the us take care of all your plumbing needs.

Backflow valve installation inside or outside

Different plumbers used another way to install a backflow valve that can be indoor or outdoor, and it depends on the drain system of houses. It must be positioned at that place where the access is easy.

Indoor installation:

Indoor installation of backflow valve is easily accessible. An indoor facility’s main advantage is that valve is protected from climate effect, easy installation, and low cost.

Outdoor installation:

Outdoor installation is perfect if you don’t want to messy your basement. Cleaning of valve does not cause spillage or smells in your basement.

What we offer:

AquaLux Draining and plumbing company offers high-quality backflow valve outdoor and indoor installation with a wide range of plumbing services Mississauga. Backflow valve installation is not the task of an unprofessional plumber, so it must be left for an experienced plumbing contractor.

Backwater valve installation

If you want to prevent your home from the municipal sanitary system’s sewage, then Backwater Valve Installation is a must. It is the new method introduced in the plumbing system. It is only designed to keep all the sewage water out of your home when the sewer water overflow.

How it works:

The backwater valve is connected to the home plumbing system by the plumber. It has a flapper in it, which closes when the sewer water overflows and prevents the home from filling with raw sewage.

What we offer:

In many areas, a permit is required for the installation of the backwater valve installation and fix sewer backup. We always pulls a permit to ensure customer satisfaction and that the work is inspected in every step and the homeowner is safe. Always do the below-mentioned process to ensure customer satisfaction:

  • Locate the main drain line;
  • Concrete Broken and Evacuated;
  • Remove the Existing Drain;
  • Install backwater valve;
  • Perform the home inspection;
  • Drain line testing;
  • Concrete Re-poured and Cleaning.

It only takes 3 to 4 hours for our professional plumbers to install the backwater valve, but it also depends on how your drainpipes are.

Why Choose our Plumbing Company?

One of the most daunting tasks for the homeowners while constructing the home is the excellent plumbing system. For a good plumbing system to be installed, a good plumber is always needed. Plumbing is extremely important to the home as the oxygen to the human body. The new technology has been introduced for the installation, repairing, and cleaning of the pipes. Suppose you are looking for someone to provide you with less time and money-saving service than is the best plumbing services in Mississauga, which you should avail. If you have a serious major drain backup or a plumbing concern, do not hesitate to call the best AquaLux service Mississauga:

  1. Affordable Pricing:

If you are looking for cost-effective Mississauga plumbing service. The most affordable service provider is AquaLux Draining and Plumbing company. Our plumbers also give you few maintenance tips while leaving home.

  1. Quality Assurance service:

Our plumbers have the advanced tools and the vast knowledge to solve any plumbing problem without causing damage to the drain pipes. It is the wisest decision to call them if the issue becomes severe enough.

  1. Qualified Professional Technician:

The few plumbing problems in Mississauga are easy to pick, but some of the drain problems are hard to pick up if the problem seems serious or not; call the qualified professional technician of the AquaLuxDP who is the best plumbing services provider in Mississauga.

  1. Practice Social Distancing:

Our plumbers practice social distancing while doing their work in the home. The plumbing emergency can make social distancing much tough, but we ensure our customers’ safety and our plumber’s.

  1. 24/7 support service:

The plumbing company always takes the call for the emergency services. We always put the customer interest on priority and provide quick service. We are an online plumbing company and provide the licensed plumbing service in Mississauga.

  1. Preventive measurements:

To avoid Plumbing Problems, maintenance is also needed in the time. We perform all the annual inspection and repair the plumbing system’s damages or caused by the plumbing system. We highlight all the potential plumbing problems before they get worse and cause damage to your property.