Drain Replacement Scarborough

Drain Replacement ScarboroughHomes and businesses which were constructed prior to the 1980’s are likely to have Drainage Pipes made of Clay Tile or Asbestos Piping. If you have such Drainage Pipes, you should seriously consider Drain Replacement Scarborough. Whether your Ddrainage Pipes are made of clay or of asbestos, such piping is “sectional”, made of short sections which are between 1.5 and 2 feet long. The joints are not tight, and tend to work loose over time. When this happens, water can seep out, and Tree Roots Can Penetrate the Underground Sewer Pipe.

If a tiny, hair sized root penetrates a joint, it will grow, forcing the opening to widen. This causes increased Leakage, and provides more opportunity for Roots to Penetrate. Before you know it, those opportunistic Roots will Fill the Underground Drain Pipe – because it offers a superior source of water and nutrients – and they will eventually completely Block the Drain Pipe. When that happens, you have a Clog. You can hire someone to run a special tool through the drain pipe, cutting the roots and washing them out. Unfortunately, they will come right back.

If you have sectional sewer pipes, the only reasonable solution is Drain Replacement

Scarborough Drain Replacement

Roots may even penetrate beneath concrete floors, when there is a source of moisture to feed them. They will then grow, cracking and destroying the floor. Even if you cut the tree, the roots are still alive, and continue to grow. In fact, cutting the tree may actually cause them to grow faster. Any sectional drain which is Leaking or Clogged is actually a homeowners’ emergency. Drain Replacement is by far the best solution to any such problem.

Outside Main Drain Replacement

In contrast with sectional piping, Drainage Pipes which are made from PVC or ABS have sealed, watertight joints. In essence, such drainage structures consist of a single, Unbroken Pipe. Unless such pipes are physically damaged – for example, run over by a heavy truck, or cut by careless excavation – modern pipes are secure and water tight. This makes them immune to invasion by roots, and completely leak proof.

Sewer Replacement Scarborough

If you have obsolete, sectional drain piping – even if it isn’t currently causing problems – you should consider Drain Replacement / Repair. By Installing Modern, sealed PVC or ABS Drainage Pipes, you can stop the trouble before it begins. If you aren’t sure what kind of drainage system you have, call the Plumbers Professionals at AquaLux Draining and Plumbing company ☎ (416) 951-0777. We’ll examine your system and advise whether you may need a full or partial Drain Pipes Replacement in Scarborough.