Efficient Ways to Unclog Drain Pipes Scarborough

Clogged Drain Repair ScarboroughWhy the Drain Pipe is Blocked? Pipe Blockage is often caused by grease, food, hair, bath salts, paper towels, feminine products, etc. It’s important to keep in mind simple rules on how to avoid Clogged Drains.

First, you should never pour grease down your sink, so as it will solidify as it cools, making a blockage. It is also recommended to install a strainer or filter that can catch the food, hair and other rubbish before it enters your drain system. You should also regularly pour boiled water down your sinks. Do it 1-2 times a month.

How to deal with Blocked Drain Pipe?

If your Drain Pipes are Blocked, you can try to Unclog Drain pipes Scarborough with the help of a plunger. Baking soda and vinegar can also work. Pour a cup of soda into the drain and then pour a cup of vinegar into it. Cover the drain and wait for about 30 minutes. Then, flush the drain with boiling water.

There is a wide range of Drain Cleaners available in the market today. However, you should be very careful when using them, so as they contain powerful chemicals. Always follow the instruction; otherwise, you may damage your skin and eyes. Don’t mix different cleaners together.

Most Plumbing Experts don’t recommend using chemical Drain Cleaners because of their low efficiency for Unclog Drain Pipes.

Moreover, they can harm your health and damage your property. So, it’s advisable to consult a Licensed Plumber before start using any chemical cleaner.

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Drain Repair ScarboroughWe use only the newest Plumbing Equipment and Tools for Drain Cleaning and Drain Inspection. We can effectively Unclog your Drain with the help of a Drain machine (also called a Drain ‘Snake’). A heavy duty cable with the Cleaning head is inserted into a Drain opening. The device is powered by electricity. Apart from that, High Pressure Water can be used to Clean Out the Drains.

Though, if the Drain pipe is too old, it is would be better to replace it. Repairing or Replacing Damaged Water and Sewer Pipes is a heavy and expensive work. Fortunately, you can avoid all that hassle by using Trenchless Drain Replacement. This advanced technology allows replace existing pipes with new ones Without Digging. As a result, trenchless method saves your landscape, garden, grass, paths from destruction.

So, if your Drain Pipe is Blocked, our Plumbers experts will recommend the most economical and effective solution for you – (416) 951-0777  – Unclog Drain Pipes!

Efficient Ways to Unclog Drain Pipes Scarborough
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