Backflow Valve Installation Toronto

How Basement Backflow Valve Can Save Your House from Sewer Backup?

Basement Flooding Backflow Valve Installation Toronto can protect your property from Sewer Backup, which coming out through toilets, sinks, laundry tubes, showers and other outlets in your basement. It automatically closes when liquid flows up from the sewer.


Backwater Valve Installation Toronto make water flow in one direction. In other words, the device is designed to Stop Water when it attempts to “back up”.

How to avoid Flood in your Basement with Backwater Valve Installation Toronto Outside (Inside)?

Take the simple steps to Protect your Basement from Flood:

  • Install a Sump Pit drainage system and Backflow Valve.
  • Improve drainage around the foundation.
  • A Sump Pit drainage system, as well as Backflow Valve should be regularly checked and maintained.

Apart from a Backflow Valve, a Sump Pit drainage system is also required. It is intended for collecting water that enters into your basement. You will also need a Sump Pump to pump the water outside. Make sure that liquid from the Sump Pump doesn’t flow directly onto streets, neighboring property, sidewalks or lanes. This is illegal.

How to deal with Basement Flooding Backflow Valve Installation Toronto?

backwater-valve-installation-mississauga-200x150Read the operating instructions carefully and follow installation and safety manual. Regularly check your Sump Pit and Backwater Valve Installation Toronto to make sure the system work properly.

The valve should be easy to reach at all times. Remove all the staff that may prevent the device from operating correctly.

It is also important to take proper care of the sump pit. Clean it annually, especially after freeze-up. If water remains in the pit and stays there for a long time, it may cause a Specific Odor in the Basement. In this case you can simply flush the Sump Pit with fresh water. Do it until the Sump Pump eliminates the stale liquid.

Ensure that doors, windows and vents are properly Waterproofed and there are no any leaks in the floor or walls.

Professional Solutions for your Basement Waterproofing

The Backflow Valve should be correctly Installed for maximum effectiveness. It would be better to left to the job to the qualified and experienced Plumbing Contractor.

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