Wet Basement Toronto (GTA), Mississauga Waterproofing Contractor

During inclement weather (showers, heavy rainfall, floods and so on) your home could be at risk of lots of damages. When the subterranean waters rise there is always a threat of Wet Basement Toronto. The reason may be outdated or damaged Basement Walls Waterproofing, Breaking or Clogging of Backwater Valve and/or the Sump Pump.

If the necessary measures are not taken urgently, all of this will lead to damage of your property, as well as contribute to the development of mold and mildew, which would adversely affect the health of your family.

Wet Basement Toronto Ways to Protect the Basement from Flooding

Aqualux Draining & Plumbing company has many years of experience in the Protection of Basements from Flooding using modern technology and equipment, such as:

Backwater Valve

Waterproofing ContractorThe best way of protection against infiltration of wastewaters is a Backwater Valve Installation, which is designed to block the backflow of sewage into the house. We perform high quality Installation, Repair, Cleaning and Replacement of Backwater Valve and we issue a warranty.

Sump Pump

Install Sump PumpThe ideal way to Protect your Wet Basements Toronto from Flood and reduce dampness in the houses located in the areas with a high level of subterranean waters is a Sump Pump. It removes water from the sump pit of your basement and directs it to the city Sewer System. Your property will remain dry at all times.
The trained plumbing professionals of Aqualux Draining & Plumbing will select the right Sump Pump for your home, will carry out its Installation and will be providing the Following Services during all the time of utilization, if needed:

      • Sump Pump Repair
      • Sump Pump Cleaning
      • Sump Pump Replacement

Battery Back-Up Emergency Sump Pump System

Emergency Sump Pump SystemBattery Back-Up Emergency Sump Pump System is installed next to the main pump. It turns on automatically and takes on the functions of the main Sump Pump during a power outage or a failure of the main Sump Pump itself, as well, as when the main Sump Pump cannot cope with the water pumping task, which often occurs during heavy rains and floods. Our skilled professionals do the Installation of Battery Back-Up Emergency Sump Pump System in the shortest time possible.

Weeping Tile

Basement WaterproofingPart of a successful Waterproofing of your home is a properly installed Weeping Tile. Weeping Tile is a porous pipe installed along the perimeter of your basement, the main function of which is to collect the water accumulated around your foundation and direct it to the storm sewer or sump pump. Our plumbing company toronto will ensure quality of Installation of Weeping Tile, as well as the Replacement of Old Clay Weeping Tiles.

Use the Basement Flooding Protection Toronto Subsidy Program

Toronto PlumberThe city is improving its sewer communication, but these measures are not enough to fully Protect Basements from Flooding. In connection with the adverse weather conditions associated with climate change, we recommend that people take their own measures to reduce the risk of Flooded Basement of their private property. The City Council has approved the Basement Flooding Protection Subsidy Program by which it offers the home owners a financial subsidy to Install Sump Pump, Backwater Valve and pipe severance and capping.

Back-Water Valve + Sump Pump + Foundation Drain

Available subsidy = 80% of the invoiced cost up to a maximum of $3,400 including eligible labour, materials, permit and taxes.

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Emergency Repair and Waterproofing Services Wet Basement Toronto

Emergency PlumberIn order to protect your home from flooding, all of the above-mentioned equipment must be in a good working condition at all times to avoid unexpected malfunction. Therefore, regular maintenance and repair is crucial. Our experts do provide and guarantee quality maintenance, cleaning, replacement of the parts (if required), and all that gives reliable and durable Protection of your Basement from Flooding.

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