Why Basement Smells Like Sewage?

When a Sewer Pipe Busts or a Drain Backs Up, a Sewage Odor is almost inevitable. As a result, your Basement Smells Like Sewage. If you won’t fix sewage pipe in time, a nose-wrinkling smell can spread over your home.

Sewer gas contains methane. Both hydrogen sulfide and methane are flammable. So, this may lead to explosions in your home.

Moreover, damaged basement has a hidden threat to health. People may notice health disorders, headaches, nausea, dizziness, as well as allergic reactions like breathing problems and sneezing. Sewer gas can also cause hydrogen sulfide poisoning.

Causes of Basement Sewage Smell

It is important to completely eliminate Sewer Odor at its source.

Here are some possible causes of the specific smell:

  1. Missing plug inside the floor drain. The plug can be removed to clean the sewer drain and not replaced.
  2. A water trap under your laundry tub or floor drain. Evaporating moisture allows sewer gas to get in your room through the drain.
  3. An improper wax ring seal between the toilet base and the toilet flange. This leads to a leak in the seal. As a result, sewer gas gets out of the toilet.
  4. Water in your toilet trap. This may happen after weeks of disuse. Certainly, simple flushing can correct the situation.
  5. A cracked or broken sewer line. You will probably need a professional help to fix this problem.

Apart from that, make sure your roof plumbing vent is not blocked by ice, snow, bird nests or leaves. Regularly flush floor drains with water to prevent sewer gas.

If you can’t find the reason why your Basement Smells Like Sewage, contact a Professional Technician, who is skilled and qualified to Remove Sewer Odor out of your basement in short time.

Professional solution for Sewer Odor

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We provide innovative technologies and advanced methods to Fix your Basement.  As a result, you’ll be able to create more healthy and attractive space for storage, entertainment, etc.

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